Ghubar Magazine April 2012

The world of Magazines is one that is constantly evolving. Never in my day would I imagine that Magazines would go digital. I was always used to flipping through pages with my own hands! anywho, technology and its advances have made it easy for us to enjoy reading from our computer screens. Which brings me to talk About Ghubar Magazine. One of my favorites! you can catch an issue on

Emerging artist Baiyu, had a an impressive Fashion Spread in this months issue. Baiyu whose music is as amazing as you can imagine, was styled by Quanasia Graham. As you flip through the pages you can see how each look styled by Quanasia tells a story. The looks are very clean with a bit of edge, that would make any of us want to upgrade our wardrobe! What I love most about these looks is that they represent a unique form of chic that I couldn’t keep my eyes off!  Check the pictures out below.

Feel Free to check out Stylist Quanasia Graham!

exclusively on

Twitter: @Madamemirror

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