Caboodles to The Rescue!: My Retro Style Caboodles Design Case

I can remember growing up as a young girl going to the bathroom to sneak into my older sister’s Caboodle Case. I will never forget glazing at the huge colorful box that I knew I was forbidden to touch! I just couldn’t resist the neon multi colored case. Every time I peaked inside this case I would see so many compartments for her cosmetics! All of  which I was too young to sample.

Growing up I have always thought of the Caboodle brand as iconic, due to the fact that they were the first major brand to launch such beautiful cases for Women who loved make-up. The colors used to create these cases were always so eye catching! I couldn’t wait be old enough to use a very case of my own!


With that being said this year during Fashion week I had the opportunity to meet the Caboodles team at Lincoln center where they were stationed. This year is Caboodles 25hth birthday! In celebration of this birthday Caboodles is launching a limited edition collection of the original Caboodles design from 1987 in honor of the brands 25th birthday! How awesome is that?

I was actually lucky enough to receive the original Caboodles design case and I was so excited! Here’s a picture of the retro style available for $25 on the Caboodles Facebook page



I must say that this case is truly amazing! Prior to receiving this case my make up was very scattered! I found myself sticking my entire makeup collection in a case and just labeling them into sections. However my efforts were pointless, my makeup was all over the place, I never knew what I had or what product needed to be replenished! I am very thankful for my case. If you find yourself needed more organization in your cosmetic life please purchase one of these cases or any other Fab Caboodle product!  Visit!!! Check out the pics below of my Cosmetic transformation thanks to Caboodles!


*Products were all over the place! I did not have a clue where anything was!



Be sure to follow Caboodles for fab Updates and Beauty Tips!

                                                                                   -Julissa Escobosa

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