Style Watch: VIPE Apparel




So the New Year has arrived and we are stuck with Resolutions. One Resolution that is reoccurring for many is Weight loss. We vow that this year we will indeed lose weight!  Then January 1st rolls around and we wish we didn’t have all those second helpings during the Holidays!

We all know the key steps to a healthy lifestyle are diet and exercise. Maintaining a healthy diet and sticking to a Gym regimen can be tough, but Ladies why not do this in style?

With that being said it is a pleasure to introduce VIPE (VIP Exercise). VIPE is a new active wear line designed for Women. Marlies Korjin is the CEO and Designer behind the active wear line.  “I want my costumers to feel that they are wearing something exclusive, different and fashionable, cutting edge and luxurious. I wanted to show the world that active wear can be stylish” explains Marlies Korjin a Netherlands Native whose line will hit select spas and sports retailers nationwide this Spring. Those days of wearing boring Gym clothes are over!  This line gives Women the opportunity to look their best while working out.

The VIPE Apparel Collection includes Jackets, Tanks, T-Shirts, Shorts, Capri’s and Pants. The line provides a variety of styles that are sure to cater to any Woman who wants to look her best. Not only is the line stylish but it’s quite affordable!  All VIPE Apparel Items range in price from $48.00-$122.001315

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