Fashion Closet Tales

We all have our favorite pieces of clothing, some of which we wear more often than others. If you’re a true Fashionista like myself, you can never imagine your wardrobe going without them! But one day reality sinks in and you realize that it’s time to put your piece to rest! Send them off to Fashion Heaven!

I have a quick story  to share about one of my favorite  pieces from 2012…  My Striped H&M Leggings. I got these Fab Pair of tights for 12.90 last year and I was able to wear  them in so many different ways. I even sported them this past Fashion Week! However, I realized they to  had to be laid to rest, they were simply worn out! So in memory of these striped bad boys,  I created a collage of my Favorite looks! Which look is your favorite?


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