Pretty Fab Makeup Accessory: Nikki’s Magic Wand

Hey All! StyleCeleb is back with another review. This one comes from Nikki’s Magic Wand. This review is dedicated to all of the frustrated Women out there who are devastated once thier favorite Lip Gloss runs out! You know that moment when you’re sitting there wishing you can scope the very last of your gloss from that tube! Well those frustrating days are over. Thanks to Nikki’s Magic Wand!

Nikki’s Magic Wand is a cool compact brush that is designed to help you get that 15-20% of makeup that typically ends up left behind! Now you can get your money’s worth for that favorite gloss that you wish would never finish! Nikki’s Magic Wands go for $9.95! Which is quite a deal, considering that you will not have a product that will help you use all of the gloss that you paid for!

 Nikki’s  Magic Wand $9.95

Nikki's Magic Wand

For more information on Nickki’s Wand please feel free to visit:





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