The Catholic church sold my child, The Philomena Lee Story

The Catholic church sold my child, the true story of Philomena Lee, movie titled “Philomena”  Directed by Stephen Frears, starring Dame Judy Dench, Steve Coogan, and Sophie Kennedy Clark. Based on the Martin Sixsmith book, The Lost Child of Philomena Lee.

The movie takes you through the life of unmarried mother Philomena Lee who was forced to give up her son to Irish nuns, who then sold him on to rich Americans. For decades she tried to find him. A chance meeting with writer Martin Sixsmith eventually uncovered the truth. This moving drama had its New York Premiere, hosted by the Cinema Society and held at the Paris Theatre on 11.12.2013. Philomena Lee during a red carpet interview spoke of her story, as the interview concluded, the interviewer turned and said “just speaking to Philomena and hearing her story made me cry.”

A compelling story, backed by Weinstein Company should be without drama of the non-movie kind, however, the MPAA slapped Philomena with an R rating. Is it justified? We don’t think so, but according to the MPAA,  the film’s rating comes from an MPAA rule that more than one use of a “harsher, sexually-derived word” merits an automatic R rating. In this case, that word is “fuck” and it’s uttered twice during the film.

StyleCeleb, highly recommends the film. R rating or not, would rather hear the word fuck, then see a ghastly violent scene. 

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Quoted from the Guradian article by Martin Sixsmith

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