Anchorman 2 Premiere Odd Fashion Choices

Hi StyleCeleb Fans, you love fashion, we love fashion, so, how come big name celebrities have problems looking fabulous? We don’t have an answer, but check out the fashion don’ts from the Anchorman 2 The Legend Continues…..

Kristen Wiig is a combo Little House on the Prairie and Veronica Lake. On the flip side Christina Applegate looked a bit dowdy in a black senior number. Ladies We love you, please give us the fashion we expect, color and glamour.

Photos can be seen on

~Entertainment~20131215~Anchorman_2_The_Legend_Continues~DSC_4864 ~Entertainment~20131215~Anchorman_2_The_Legend_Continues~DSC_5000 ~Entertainment~20131215~Anchorman_2_The_Legend_Continues~DSC_4584

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