That Awkward Moment, Zac Efron

Hi StyleCeleb fans, Zac Efron, yes Zac Efron strutted down the red carpet during That Awkward Moment Los Angeles Premiere. We were there, StyleCeleb on the red carpet. We love that cutie Zac. He wore a shinny black suit, tailored to perfection and posed with fellow co-stars Imogen Poots, Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller. Check out the comedy, StyleCeleb says its perfect for a great laugh and lots of eye candy.

Photos can be seen at


~Entertainment~20140127~That_Awkward_Moment~DSC_5356 ~Entertainment~20140127~That_Awkward_Moment~DSC_5735 ~Entertainment~20140127~That_Awkward_Moment~DSC_5759

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