It’s fun, fast and  convenient! Men will never have to worry about shopping for underwear again! Thanks to our friends over at! is an online subscription based men’s undergarment fulfillment center. Now great brands such as Champion, Fruit of the Loom, and Hanes can be  delivered to you at the frequency of your choice. The process is simple!


This incredible site gives customers the opportunity to order in three easy steps!

Step One: Select Product , Style, Brand, Size, Quantity Product selection includes , Underwear, Tee-Shirts and Socks

Step Two: Subscribe

Step Three: Receive









It’s That Simple! Select the brand, style and size of the underwear and undershirts you have always worn and then select the frequency that you want them delivered and will send them to you as per your instructions. Your recurring subscription guarantees that you will always have decent and presentable underwear and undershirts that fit correctly and comfortably!  O and did we mention all shipping is FREE?


With all this in mind why not make your lives easier? With this service you can simply receive the underwear,undershirts and socks of your choice in the quantities and at the frequency you choose. Tell  a friend or give this as a gift!


Get Connected With Jocks N Tees!







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