Fashion Week 2012: Style Files

Its Fashion Week and I Believe in not only showcasing the looks on the Runways but also the looks of the individuals who go and support these Runway shows. While walking around Lincoln Center I was able to spot some pretty fashionable People. They were all a pleasure talking to. – Julissa Escobosa

Rebecca Preval


Occupation: Designer

Ben Oduro

Occupation: Celebrity/Model Booker

Hometown: New York City

Anthony Sneed

Name: Anthony Sneed

Age: 19

Occupation: Student @LIM College

Beware Of The Maybelline Samples at Fashion Week!




Ok, so there isn’t anything particularly wrong with the Maybelline Samples that are distributed during Fashion Week. I snagged a lipstick and a nice eyeshadow for myself! However I must comment about the women who work in the Maybelline booths, you know the ones that are in charge of handing out the samples. There attitudes are awful! and they only hand out samples at specific times. They have no real product knowledge and there are just down right nasty! could life really be that bad for you? your job is to hand out samples and smile! it cant be that hard! I have no hard feelings towards these ladies just want you to beware of their attitudes!

Joy Cioci Autumn/ Winter 2012 Collection Presentation

Fashion Designer Joy Cioci has been presenting her line during Fashion Week since Fall 2011. Joy Cioci’s collection is a mixture of luxury and contemporary looks. Today She held her Fall 2012 presentation at Lincoln Center. The presentation was Gorgeous. Cioci used mostly  neutral colors and had a few staple pieces that were Blue. I loved the fact that Cioci used Blue in her pieces, this gave her presentation an overall “Pop” – Julissa Escobosa

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Monique Lhuillier

Monique Lhuillier  presented her Fall 2012 runway  collection at  Lincoln Center this past Saturday. The show was indeed hectic, scheduled to begin at 7:00pm, the show did not begin until  7:45pm. Crowds of people rushed in every minute. My high expectations for the show were not met , I was extremely distracted by the crowd  and the fact that the models kept tripping in their shoes during the show. Lhuillier  did  a decent job at exhibiting her likes of the colors, Brown , Noir and Nude. The majority of the 48 looks were these colors. – Julissa Escobosa


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We Had To Mention……..

We here at Style Celeb promised to give you every detail of our Fashion Week Journey good or bad . so we forget to mention that one of our writers Julissa Escobosa, slipped and fell on there runway of the Correll Correll presentation. She is convinced that one of the models pushed her, however she got back up faster then she fell and still remains Fabulous as ever! Check out the pic that she took of her cut! Sometimes the tasks of Fashion Week aren’t  as Glamorous as they seem!

Correll Correll Presentation

Correll Correll Presentation


Last Night Correll Correll held  a presentation for their fall 2012 collection in a lovely art gallery located at 516 west 26 between 10th and 11th. As soon as the doors opened the crowd eagerly rushed in to view the looks for Correll Correll’s fall 2012 line.  The looks presented by Correll Correll  (better know as twin sisters Daphne and Vera Correll) were a bit dim. Taking into Considering that the presentation was for Fall looks, ( Fall looks cater to more neutral and dark colors) it still  lacked color. A pop of color or two is always appreciated in any season. However the pieces were lovely for the most part, Ideal for the sleek chic professional woman. – Julissa Escobosa


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Marcia.Patmos Presentation

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Marcia Patmos had a short but sweet presentation at this year’s Fashion Week. Her Fall 2012 line was presented at Milk Studios. With a blend of mostly neutral colors with occasional bright pieces that added a “pop” to the collection, Marcia Patmos was able to achieve a nice presentation.-Julissa Escobosa


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