The Caviar Manicure By Ciaté

Every Woman wants her nails to look great. A great manicure is the perfect accessory that never fails! The Spring is here and Summer is just around the corner every Woman is focused on looking her best! Being that a Fab manicure is the best accessory  I had to do some research to find the best Nail Polishes out there! Not all of us have the time to  hit the Nail Salon, I was on a quest to look for the best Nail Polish that the average Woman could use in the comfort of her own home. I wanted to find a polish that left you with a salon touch.

In my findings I stumbled across the brand Ciaté. Ciate is one of the Nail industry’s best kept secrets. This Nail Company is based in the UK. What made this Nail Company stand outside the rest was its ability to transform the look of someones Hand into a Masterpiece!

I will be sporting a Ciaté color or two this season and you should to! This Month Ciaté launched the Caviar Manicure. The Caviar Manicure includes three hypnotizing colors that add a 3D look to your nails.The 3D look that will give your manicure that well deserved “Pop”. Check  the  latest colors from the  Caviar Manicure  just launched this Month!

The set launched this Month in three Fabulous colors:




For More Information on Ciaté and their stunning colors, please feel free to visit their official website



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Ghubar Magazine April 2012

The world of Magazines is one that is constantly evolving. Never in my day would I imagine that Magazines would go digital. I was always used to flipping through pages with my own hands! anywho, technology and its advances have made it easy for us to enjoy reading from our computer screens. Which brings me to talk About Ghubar Magazine. One of my favorites! you can catch an issue on

Emerging artist Baiyu, had a an impressive Fashion Spread in this months issue. Baiyu whose music is as amazing as you can imagine, was styled by Quanasia Graham. As you flip through the pages you can see how each look styled by Quanasia tells a story. The looks are very clean with a bit of edge, that would make any of us want to upgrade our wardrobe! What I love most about these looks is that they represent a unique form of chic that I couldn’t keep my eyes off!  Check the pictures out below.

Feel Free to check out Stylist Quanasia Graham!

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Celebrity Hairstylist Sean Gallagher


(Photo:Me & Celebrity Hairstylist Sean Gallagher, NYC Fashion Week 2012)

Fashion Week has always been an amazing experience for me. I have been attending Fashion Week for the past two years and I can honestly say that the experience is never the same. Aside from the Runway Shows and Fashion Parties, I can say the best thing about Fashion week for me is meeting new people. This year I had the opportunity to meet Celebrity Hair Stylist Sean Gallagher.

From the moment I saw Sean Gallagher I knew he was someone important.  The combination of his style and demeanor would draw anyone towards him. I knew very little about the person that I was about to engage in conversation with. All I knew was that he was an incredibly well dressed man, with a great smile. As we started conversing I learned more about Sean Gallagher and his experience in Hair Styling.  With more than 20 years under his belt his work has been seen on various Runways. Just to name a few he has worked with fashion forward designers such as Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Oscar de la Renta, Versace, Badgley Mischka and Ralph Rucci.

However Sean Gallagher’s work can be seen beyond the Runway. You have probably seen his work on many models who have been featured in magazines such as Vanity Fair, Marie Claire, Nylon, W, Spin, Max, Next, Razor, and Black book. He has also styled celebrities such as Rosario Dawson, both Jessica and Ashlee Simpson, Mira Sorvino, Jaime Pressley, and Audrina Patridge as well as top fashion models like Gisele Bündchen, Frankie Ryder, Caran Elsea, and Adriana Lima


This man without a doubt has an impressive resume, but most importantly to match this resume he has a dynamic personality. When Sean is not backstage or at a photo shoot styling, He is busy at Pipino 57. Pipino is one of the most well known hair salons located in New York City. It is here where Gallagher preps the next generation of hairstylists. He heads the education classes for color, cut and style.

(Photo: Hair Styled By Sean Gallagher)

As our conversation continued I couldn’t help but to admire Sean Gallagher’s stories about his experience in the industry. The most memorable thing I walked away with from this conversation was the fact that he made it clear that he builds personal relationships with each and every one of his clients. When I heard this it was a bit of a surprise considering the fact that my mind thought of how huge his clientele must be! one can image how stressful it must be making people look beautiful How can someone who makes so many people look so good have time to talk and build relationships?  but judging by his character I’m sure that his clients not only walk out looking beautiful on the outside but I’m sure they leave even feeling more beautiful on  the inside


(Photo: Hair Styled By Sean Gallagher)

For More Info Please Feel Free To Visit Sean Gallagher’s Site!



Fashion Week 2012: I Ran into Celebrity Stylist June Ambrose!


 I Ran into Celebrity Stylist June Ambrose! I Love June Ambrose! Everytime I run into her during Fashion Week she shows so much love! She is a Beautiful Woman.I am sooo inspired by her presance everytime I cross paths with her.-Julissa Escobosa
For More information on June and her work Visit

Celebrity Stylist June Ambrose, Fashion Week 2012 Lincoln Center



Fashion Week 2012: Style Files

Its Fashion Week and I Believe in not only showcasing the looks on the Runways but also the looks of the individuals who go and support these Runway shows. While walking around Lincoln Center I was able to spot some pretty fashionable People. They were all a pleasure talking to. – Julissa Escobosa

Rebecca Preval


Occupation: Designer

Ben Oduro

Occupation: Celebrity/Model Booker

Hometown: New York City

Anthony Sneed

Name: Anthony Sneed

Age: 19

Occupation: Student @LIM College

Beware Of The Maybelline Samples at Fashion Week!




Ok, so there isn’t anything particularly wrong with the Maybelline Samples that are distributed during Fashion Week. I snagged a lipstick and a nice eyeshadow for myself! However I must comment about the women who work in the Maybelline booths, you know the ones that are in charge of handing out the samples. There attitudes are awful! and they only hand out samples at specific times. They have no real product knowledge and there are just down right nasty! could life really be that bad for you? your job is to hand out samples and smile! it cant be that hard! I have no hard feelings towards these ladies just want you to beware of their attitudes!