Highest Paid “Super Models”

Hi StyleCeleb Fans, The Super Model is back in fashion. Super in the sense of big bucks. You would think Kate Upton and Adriana Lima would be the top wage earners, but Gisele Bundchen is the winner. At $47,000,000 Gisele is the “top” Super Model, even hubby Tom Brady can’t reach Gisele’s fortune, he only pulls in $38,000,000. Talk about a power couple…

Photos of Gisele, Adriana, Kate and Tom can be seen at www.GraylockPhoto.com

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WSJ Magazine Hosted the “2013 INNOVATOR AWARDS”
Sponsored by CartierCiti and Olympus at The Museum of Modern Art in New York City. WSJ Magazine honors visionaries in fashion, entertainment, architecture, technology, design, art and humanitarianism. It was a fashion night out with Phillip Lim, Francisco Costa, Gisele Bundchen, Jessica Hart, Karlie Kloss, and Pharrell Williams walking the red carpet. 

Photos can be see on http://www.graylockphoto.com