Kate Upton, Queen of The Game of War Fire Age

Hi StyleCeleb fans, Kate Upton, yes, Victoria’s Secret supermodel and the Game Of War Fire Age spokes person. Watching the commercials on TV made me check out the game. StyleCeleb has been a fan of Kate Upton for years, even meeting photographing her at various events and of course the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. When you have a sexy supermodel fighting the good fight, its a must play. Downloaded the app (either android of IOS, I did the IOS app), it was free and its a wow, addictive, with a chess strategy feel. You can level up pretty fast but make sure to join in an alliance so you aren’t attacked. The best part of the game is that the game never ends. Love this game. Click the following links, one for Andriod the other for IOS and its FREE, which all StyleCeleb fans love!!!

http://bst.is/yDSNW8 for the Android and

http://bst.is/zDSNW8 for IOS

Here’s the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XkaWyrm8EQg



Photos of Kate Upton can be seen on http://www.GraylockPhoto.com

Highest Paid “Super Models”

Hi StyleCeleb Fans, The Super Model is back in fashion. Super in the sense of big bucks. You would think Kate Upton and Adriana Lima would be the top wage earners, but Gisele Bundchen is the winner. At $47,000,000 Gisele is the “top” Super Model, even hubby Tom Brady can’t reach Gisele’s fortune, he only pulls in $38,000,000. Talk about a power couple…

Photos of Gisele, Adriana, Kate and Tom can be seen at www.GraylockPhoto.com

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