Tracey Emin “My Bed” Up for Auction

Hi StyleCeleb Fans, do you understand art? In this instance, I really don’t, or do I…..Ok, yes I get it and I do love the piece…

Tracey Emin’s My Bed, a sordid recreation of the site of a three-day breakdown and one of Britain’s most polarising pieces of modern art, is to be sold on auction this summer, it has been reported.

Artist Tracey Emin has reflected on her work ‘My Bed’, which is up for sale, and described it as “half like a crime scene, half like a diary”.

She told Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight that it was “like a time-capsule of my life really”.

The bed, which was created in 1998, is currently owned by Charles Saatchi and will be sold at auction.

The Telegraph reported. The British artist, Tracey Emin, 50, said it was “the end of an era”.

Made in her council flat in Waterloo in 1998 and displayed at the Tate Britain three years later, the work narrowly missed out on the Turner Prize but garnered coverage and criticism in equal measure.

The work, comprising stained sheets, used condoms and empty bottles of vodka became a seminal work that eventually was sold to Charles Saatchi for a reported £150,000. Last weekend, Emin’s dealer in New York, David Maupin, who sold the bed to Saatchi, said the estimate of £800,000 to £1.2 million is too low for such a significant work.

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