Today Is The First Day Of Fashion Week 2/9-2/16

The Day has arrived…..Fashion Week is Here! One whole week of Celebrity Mayhem, Fabulous Outfits and Amazing Runway shows!  Ah Fashion week all the glitz and glamour is enough to make anyone’s experience here quite memorable! However behind the fabulousness, comes a lot of hard work, especially if you are more than just a Runway show attendee. Fashion Week is filled with Celebes, Fashion Journalists, Make –up artists, Stylists and most importantly Photographers. Photographers go through  ALOT to capture the most memorable moments during Fashion Week! But in all without them we would not have the luxury of seeing the vivid yet captivating images of Fashion Week. We are able to see the Fashion World through their lens. We invite you to embark on the week long journey, were you will get  a true glimpse of Fashion week. Be Prepared to experience all  the  Fab, the Glam the Good and the Bad, of Fashion Week.- Julissa Escobosa

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