Style Watch:Pearl Covered Glasses

I am always extremely humbled when I receive a compliment about my style! This year at Fashion Week My Pearl Covered Glasses were a huge hit! So I had to write about them and the inspiration for the look that went with them! I bought these glasses from Beacons Closet. they were 13 buxs (Tax Included). When I saw these I automatically knew I had to wear these with my pearls! well at least the first time I wear them! These Glasses are extremely light and comfy! When I wore them I felt like Coco Channel for some reason! Anyway I am all for Pearl covered Glasses and you should be too! find a pair and take a chance on wearing them!

(Me and Fashion Blogger Joy From Her Glasses are kinda hot too!)

Quick Funny Story! so after I bought these glasses I thought I was going to be the only person in the world with them! until one day me and my friend blogger Q from were on the train and she goes “hey look at these new shades I bought”. As she showed me her phone there she was Fab as ever in the same glasses I had! Except her’s were sunglasses! Great minds think alike!

Q and her Pearl Covered Glasses.

AND….Finally the look that came along with the Glasses!

Turban: Self Made from a Pashmina that was $5.00

Top: This Top was a hand me down from a friend its actually a night gown! $0.00

Faux Leather Vest: Bought this at Conway for $5.00

Tights: Conway $3.99

Shoes: you ready? got these from a little shop downtown for $5.99

Bag: Target $25.00

Accessories: Forever 21

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