Fab Products: Ultra Downy Infusions


So the day has come that you dread, Laundry Day! You have to pack up all the loads of clothing that have accumulated these past weeks. You ask yourself how did you let your load get so out of hand! Laundry can be a grueling experience. But thanks to Downy, we can have a better experience with these loads. Downy has launched a new product! And I couldn’t be happier to brag about it. ULTRA DOWNY INFUSIONS is a new set of Fabric Softeners that are nothing short of amazing. They come in decadent flavors that will leave your clothes fresh. As a Fashionista it’s very important to stay fresh!  These new layered scents will make your trip to the Laundry Mat unforgettable. Better yet when you’re finished you won’t regret the time you spent washing your clothes! I had the opportunity to sample the Downy Infusions Honey Flower Flavor. I used this softener to wash my Gym clothes. We all know how hard it can be to keep Gym clothes fresh! However when I used this product I didn’t even want to wear my these clothes to the Gym! They looked and smelled so clean! Thanks Downy!



Check out the full collection of Ultra Downy’s infusion scents!




New Honey Flower

Orchid Allure

Lavender Serenity


Spice Blossom

Citrus Spice



Sage Jasmine



Make sure to visit Downy’s Official Website!


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