Quality Tools For Your Home: Spring Cleaning With Unger’s Neat Home Products

Spring has arrived and so has the time for spring cleaning! Living in a studio apartment in NYC with  corners and hard to reach places, Neat Home Products by Unger are life savers.

Unger, has been providing quality tools for cleaning since 1964 and today it remains an effective and affordable products, retailing  at $4.99 and up.


 This past Saturday, I decided to do some Spring Cleaning and used a variety of Unger Neat Home Products:

Check out my experiences below:

The Microfiber  Power Duster (Machine Washable)


This lightweight bendable duster easily cleans hard to reach places.

Before: . My very dusty floor!


Spotless- This  Duster was able to pick up all this dirt with one swipe!
The Microfiber Dust & Wash Mitt  (Machine Washable)
The Dust & Wash Mitt is a great tool for  cleaning large surfaces,  like counter tops, stove tops and tables.
Here I am trying to tackle these hard to clean stains!
The Microfiber Scrubber & Squeegee (Machine Washable)
The Microfiber Scrubber & Squeegee is ideal for cleaning windows and screens.
I have two huge windows and both have collected a considerable amount of dirt.
1. I sprayed the sill with a multipurpose cleaning solution from Family Dollar(Family Dollar is a  great store where EVERYTHING is a Dollar).  I used a Family Dollar product because I wanted to see if  Unger cleaning tools had the capability of  fighting dirt, using a lower priced  cleaning solution. I am happy to report that they  passed! The job was done.???????????????????????????????
Next, the biggest task lay ahead…The windows! I used the Microfiber Scrubber & Squeegee to tackle them.
??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????
Here I am Scrubbing away!
??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????
After scrubbing down the windows, I was impressed how much dirt my Microfiber Scrubber & Squeegee was able to absorb! My windows have never been cleaner!
After a long day of cleaning I’m left looking a little less fabulous then usual but my home is clean!  I am exhausted and am ready for a nap!
Below, I”m  holding my favorite  Neat Home by Unger Product, Dust & Wash Mitt! I LOVE this Mitt, it fits my hand perfectly. What I love the most about  these products is that their are all MACHINE WASHABLE & AFFORDABLE. You can reuse these products, which means you are getting everything worth your buck! Unger is  changing the whole definition of cleaning!
Neat Home By Unger Products are available at select
Target Stores nationwide and
www. target.com
Please feel free to check out more Unger Products  at  http://www.ungerglobal.com

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