Fab Beauty Review: Nail Chemistry Polish


Every woman deserves to look her best from head to toe! A great outfit is not complete without a Fab manicure! I enjoy bright colors in general, and my nails are no exception. I’d like to introduce to you all my latest Nail obsession… Nail Chemistry Polish!

Nail Chemistry is a trendy, vegan chic nail polish brand created by Jennifer Christine in 2012.

This past weekend, I had an opportunity to  come across  the Nail Chemistry  brand at  the Spring Beauty Event hosted by Vibe Vixen.  I quickly  spotted  the  booth providing complimentary manicures and  was really  just planning  to get my  mani and run, but was too impressed by the product line to make a mad dash. I instantly became a fan!

Nail Chemistry’s polishes come in a variety of colors, catering to both young and old. But wait, The best part of it all(aside for meeting Jennifer Christin and learning more about the product),  you can enjoy a fab manicure without spending a fortune! These polishes are super affordable!!!


Check me and my manicure out done exclusively by Nail Chemistry during the Vibe Vixen Spring Beauty Event! My color of choice was Chinese Apple!


Sponsored a Great Event Last Sunday. Hutch by Designed presented a Beauty Bar event. The evening was filled with a Gifting suite from makeup, facials, manicures, & treats. This is an annual event, do definitely look out for Next years festivities.

Fun Facts About Nail Chemistry Polish:

No Animal Testing

No Formaldehyde

Long Lasting Nail Lacquer

Minimal Chipping


No Toluene

Drys Fast

Great Shine

For more information on ordering – please contact:


Be sure to follow Nail Chemistry On:

Twitter: @nailchemistry

Instagram: @nailchemistry

Stay updated on new product launches and sales by visiting:

Tumblr: http://officialnailchemistry.tumblr.com/

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nail-Chemistry/430277937057593

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