Lip Obsession: NYC Lip Color Big Bold Gloss

Lets face it, who doesn’t want to look beautiful? I  wish I had more  time to create amazing makeup looks but  sadly, this usually is  not the case  since  I’m always running late!  For those of us always on the go, sometimes we just need  one lip color that will provide us with the POP needed to quickly  transform our look!
Now, introducing my latest lip obsession! NYC Lip Color Big Bold Gloss! This gloss  is able to create the plumped lips you have always dreamed of and provide  up to 4 hours of shine! Did I mention one application gives you up to 50% more volume to your lips? This gloss is great for the gal who wants to look her best without worrying about applying her Lip Gloss every 5 minutes and  the best part of it all, the Gloss is only $3.99, now that’s a deal!

Check out my new  favorite colors from NYC Lip Color Big Bold Gloss collection:
1. Big city Blush
2.)  Magnified Mauve

Available Shades- All Glosses Contains Vitamin E and are
Paraben free. NYC Cosmetics are available at your local drugstore.
BIG BOLD GLOSS - 465 Big Is Beautiful
Big Is Beautiful
BIG BOLD GLOSS - 466 Voluminous Peach
Voluminous Peach
BIG BOLD GLOSS - 467 Pleasantly Plump Pink
Pleasantly Plump Pink
BIG BOLD GLOSS - 468 Big City Blush
Big City Blush
BIG BOLD GLOSS - 469 Magnified Mauve
Magnified Mauve
BIG BOLD GLOSS - 470 Extra Large Latte
Extra Large Latte
BIG BOLD GLOSS - 471 Supersized Red
Supersized Red
BIG BOLD GLOSS - 472 Coral to the Max
Coral to the Max
BIG BOLD GLOSS - 473 Full on Fuchsia
Full on Fuchsia
BIG BOLD GLOSS - 474 Pumped Up Purple
Pumped Up Purple
BIG BOLD GLOSS - 475 Plumped Plum
Plumped Plum
BIG BOLD GLOSS - 476 Colossal Cacao
Colossal Cacao
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