Wear it, Return it? Bloomies says NO

I agree Bloomies, glad something is being done….

Bloomingdale’s says enough is enough….as reported on ABC News.com

While most luxury retailers have liberal unlmited return policies, Bloomingdale’s is drawing the line on more expensive items to crack down on so-called “wardrobing,” the practice of wearing a garment once then returning it.

The New York City-based company has placed conspicuous plastic tags on dresses retailing for $150 and more, preventing customers from returning an item if the tags have been removed. And the tags are in strategic places on the garments, making it impossible to wear them without letting the world know what you are up to.

Marissa Vitagliano Coleman, Bloomingdale’s operating vice president, national media relations, said the “b-tags” are in place to reinforce that Bloomingdale’s will not accept returned merchandise that has been worn, washed, damaged, used or altered. Bloomingdale’s began using b-tags in February.

Dresses, presumably, are obvious targets for “wear it once” returns in a world of trendy and fast fashion.

 My thoughts, If I paid for a dress at full price that someone else had worn and returned, I would be more than just a little annoyed. I’m glad Bloomingdales has added the new tagging system. When I spend my hard earned money, I expect to buy clean unworn clothing….

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