California Square Bottle Wine, they Cut the Corners…

California Square Bottle Wine, at 11am during my time at the GBK Pre Emmy Gifting Suites, I was intrigued by a dark square bottle. Inside each bottle was the most delectable wine. Yes, I did sample the velvety Three Red Blend wine, the Cabernet Sauvignon and of course the Chardonnay. Got to say, I have never been a California Wine fan, I’m into the Chilean, Italian, Sardinian and Spanish reds, but my whole wine life has changed and am now a huge fan of the California Square wine. Perfect pairing of the Cabernet Sauvignon with a nice juicy steak was heaven. If you love chocolate, pair your favorite dark chocolate with the Three Red Blend. For the White Wine Chardonnay lovers, California Square will not let you down, clean, crisp, flavorful. I cant say enough. You can purchase California Square Wine at or by phone 855-330-6673

StyleCeleb Highly Highly Recommends!



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