Goldie Hawn Honored by DuJour Magazine

Goldie Hawn joined by Kurt Russell, and DuJour magazine CEO Jason Binn to honor Goldie Hawn and her work on behalf of The Hawn Foundation: “Helping children thrive with social & emotional literacy.” For over 10 years, Goldie Hawn, Academy Award winning actress, producer, director, author and long-time children’s advocate has been working to help children thrive through The Hawn Foundation and its signature program, MindUP. MindUP is a social and emotional literacy program based on neuroscience, positive psychology, mindful awareness training and social and emotional learning. In 15 lessons, it teaches children about their brain so they learn to better self-regulate their emotions, increasing their abilities to focus, gain empathy, optimism and resiliency skills while improving academics, happiness and overall health and wellness.

For more information on MindUP visit or call 305 424 1655.

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