Fashion With A Great Cause : Happy Heads Wraps Review

Fashion trends are everywhere we go. When you’re a Fashionista, spotting trends can be your life! But have you ever thought about what meaning  these trends have ? Does what your wearing stand for a specific cause? We here at Style Celeb love wearing  great pieces with great stories behind it!
Which brings us to this month’s review  from Happy Heads. Happy Heads is a fashion accessories company that specializes in making Head Wraps for Women. Happy Heads was created by 3 Women undergoing Cancer treatment, unhappy with the few choices they had during treatment for Head cover-ups, one  Woman decided that it was time to take matters into her own hands. The three Women joined forces and  created what is known today as Happy Heads.
Ranging from $15.00-$28.00, each beautiful All-In-One Happy Head Wrap consists of two complementing fabrics that can be reversed and used for two! Happy Head Wraps are a stylish addition to any wardrobe! They fit securely and are a fabulous  alternative to wigs, hats and traditional scarves giving the everyday Woman more ways  to look  Beautiful no matter what she is facing .
Customers  shopping from Happy Heads have two options when it comes to purchasing Wraps.
  • The Designer Wrap can be worn with an open scarf like look or tucked in back to cover your head completely. It fits securely and close to your head. 
  • The Quick Wrap has a softly gathered closed back which allows you to have your head and or hair completely contained in the head wrap.  
How to wrap your Happy Head Wrap:
We here at Style Celeb had the opportunity to get our hands on these Beautiful scarves. What we love most about these scarves is their versatility. These scarves can go with just about anything! Check our pics below to see how Creative Director for Style Celeb, Julissa E. rocks these FABULOUS Head Wraps!
Julissa E, is seen here wearing the “Dottie” Head wrap. This Head Wrap is adorable, perfect for the Fashionista who enjoys standing out and taking risks!
Like all Happy Head wraps “Dottie” is reversible. Check out Dottie’s reversible side below

 Sweet Pea Head Wrap

Evening Velvet Head Wrap

Fun Facts About Happy Head wraps:
  • Super affordable all Head Wraps range from $15.00-$28.00
  • Each Happy Heads Wrap is made of two complementing fabrics that can be reversed and used as two different head coverings. The extra long ties allow for creative, versatile, and secure styling.
  • Happy Heads Wraps are  VERY comfortable, VERY  fashionable, and  VERY sophisticated
  • Happy Heads Wraps are extremely versatile and can cater to everyone style!
  • Happy Heads  Wraps offer a multitude of styling options to allow you to create and express your individual mood and style.
  • All Head Wraps are made in the U.S.A
  • Happy Heads has the solution for Women who are facing difficult decisions about hair options!
  • Happy Heads Wraps  guarantees an easy and  Beautiful alternative to wigs, hats, and traditional scarves.
  • Customers are allowed to purchase Gift Certificates
  • Happy Heads Wraps provides Fabulous  secure head coverage for everyone! including Chemotherapy & Alopecia  Patients.Happy Heads  Wraps are also great for those of us who need to cover our heads for religious beliefs or us who suffer from bad hair days! (Style Celeb thinks this is extremely cool!)

Happy Heads wraps are the perfect accessory addition to your wardrobe!

                                                        (Dottie Head Wrap)


(Evening Velvet Head Wrap)


(Sweet Pea Head Wrap)



 Every time a Happy Heads Customer wears a Head Wrap they are wearing a piece that stands for something. Customers wearing any Wrap from this brand should wear it with pride, pride in knowing that these Wraps were created during a time of adversity. Happy Heads is a brand that exemplifies the true meaning of overcoming, a brand that was created  by 3 Women fighting cancer, during their struggle with illness they found strength to create something Beautiful, something so Beautiful that is now being shared with the world.  This brand is a true reflection of what really sets a Fashion Trend. Happy Heads teaches us that if we remain strong something Beautiful can rise out of the greatest battles we face in life. In purchasing these Wraps you will not only be wearing a Beautiful accessory but you will be wearing a symbol that represents overcoming obstacles ! Now that’s what we call Fashion with a GREAT cause!
For more information please visit:
Toll Free: (800) 825-6658
Pacific Time: (626) 232-8243


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