Travel etiquette

Hi StyleCeleb fans, time to think about the holiday travel season. Have you ever been stuck next to a fellow passenger who never heard of deodorant, takes off their shoes to expose smelly feet, clips their fingernails in flight, gets drunk and sloppy, loud talker, non-stop talker, screaming kids who also kick your seat?
Ah yes, the holidays are here. When you fly, take a train, bus or any other form of public transportation please adhere to travel etiquette…

1 shower, wear clean clothes, use deodorant.
2 if you’re going to drink, one in the air is equal to two on the ground. Limit yourself
3 get a mani pedi before you fly. A do it yourself mani pedi on the plane is gross
4 if your kids don’t behave, don’t fly.
5 do not remove shoes, no one wants to see or smell your stinky feet
6 if you’re a talker, use an inside library voice, no one around you wants to hear about your menopause problems or cheating spouse.
7 respect your space and the space of the people next to you.
8 if your seat mate needs to get up, get up and let them out. The move your legs to the side is rude and dangerous.
9 keep your space clean, don’t leave a pile of garbage behind
10 the plane is your temporary home, respect yourself, your fellow passengers and flight crew.

Follow the 10 easy rules and you will have a happy travel experience.



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