These candles make the perfect holiday party hostess gift, and we are thrilled to introduce you to the special Peripeti Holiday Gift Set, perfect for even the most discriminating hostess. In the cute little muslin bag, you will find the scents of Cypress and Jasmine ( cool and refreshing), Holiday Hearth ( warm and soothing), and Pumpkin and Ginger ( Spicy and festive).

The candle wax is made from soy, so it burns longer. They are 100% vegan, pesticide and herbicide free, and create no soot buildup. The crafted fragrances are derived from therapeutic essential oils. They are hand poured by carbon neutral process, and available with wooden wicks.

I will attest that the scent lasts from the moment you light the candle for the first time until you light it at it’s last burning. That is remarkable – many candles, including the expensive boutique candles, lose their scent after the second or third lighting, even if you put the cover on upon extinguishing. This is not so with Peripeti. Perhaps it is because they layer their fragrance.

Because the essential oils and soy wax is a known skin moisturizer, I decided to put Peripeti to the test. I rubbed some of the wax into my hands and wrists. I am gluten intolerant and I am allergic to so many skin products, but this wax acted as deep penetrating moisturizer and the heavenly scent ( I used  the ever so popular Orchard Picnic ( available in small and large sizes – and the perfect gift for that extra special teacher or neighbor) lasted for over six hours – that means the scent lasts as long as my high end perfumes. The moisturizer caused no breakouts or red patches on my wrists, so I tried my problem dry area – my elbows. This is the best place to use the Peripeti candle! My flaky, dry elbows smoothed right out and my skin felt soft and supple for hours!

I am burning Woodland Breeze right now, and it is the perfect blend for those who enjoy a musky cool scent. It is a very energizing scent and I might just start wearing it to spark me into action, come Black Friday!

A portion of all proceeds in sales of Peripeti candles goes to Kiva, A micro-finance loan organisation for small businesses around the world; offering a sustainable and empowering solution to fighting poverty globally. You can give to others as you give to your friends – In my opinion, this is the perfect gift to give!

All candles are very reasonably priced. There are beautiful sets, like the holiday fragrance set, as mentioned above,  and there are stand alone, beautifully packaged signature scents to choose from. Customer service is amazing, so if you have a specific scent in mind and you wish to try a candle with the crackling wood wick or customize your gift in a certain way, you can likely have it your way! They also offer wax melts for electric burners…And for those who are gift -challenged, they have a holiday gift page, dedicated to just the perfect set to give for that special someone.

Prices range from $10.00 up on candles and $6.50 up for wax melts.

For more buying information, go to or email You can find them on Facebook and Twitter – and they service the US and UK!

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