One For the Crapper, World Toilet Day????

Get ready, World Toilet Day is November 19.  Officially designated by the United Nations. WASH United CEO, Thorsten Kiefer, will be wearing a custom made toilet outfit as he tours around New York to celebrate World Toilet Day with The World Toilet Organization and Toilet Hackers as they bring awareness to the sanitation crisis with a worldwide event. According to the World Bank, poor sanitation may cost the global economy approx. 260 billion USD

for more info and yes this is for real, go to

Below the schedule for WASH United CEO, Thorsten Kiefer Toilet costume wearing appearances. 

Tuesday 11/19

6am: Good Morning America (Broadway at W 44th street)

9am-10am: Columbus Circle (W 59th street & 8th avenue)

11am-12pm: Bryant Park/Times Square (W 42nd street & 6th avenue)

12pm-1pm: Herald Square (W 34th street & 7th avenue)

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