Jaguar F-type Coupe Launch Party

The Jaguar F-type Coupe had its celebrity filled launch party during the Los Angeles Car Show. The night brought out XFactor Simon Cowell, eye candy Miranda Kerr, fashion police Kelly Osbourne all on hand to get an up-close and personal view of the new sexy Jaguar.

click the link to review the Jaguar F-type Coupé: pictures and prices – Telegraph.

Photos can be seen on


~Entertainment~20131119~Jaguar_F_Type_Launch~Kelly_Osbourne_20036 ~Entertainment~20131119~Jaguar_F_Type_Launch~Joe_Manganiello_19964 ~Entertainment~20131119~Jaguar_F_Type_Launch~Joe_Manganiello_19975 ~Entertainment~20131119~Jaguar_F_Type_Launch~Kelly_Osbourne_20061 ~Entertainment~20131119~Jaguar_F_Type_Launch~Miranda_Kerr_20302 ~Entertainment~20131119~Jaguar_F_Type_Launch~Miranda_Kerr_20312 ~Entertainment~20131119~Jaguar_F_Type_Launch~Simon_Cowell_20270

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