GBK Music Lounge Gifting Suite Action

StyleCeleb loves gifting suites, it gives us the chance to meet the people behind each product face to face. Get all of our questions answered and have the opportunity to sample the products. The GBK Music Lounge showcased several interesting beauty products, fashion lines, and whipped cream for those 21 and over…

Lets start with the popular Whipped Cream infused with Vodka, yes we did say Vodka. Product name Liquor Whipped, for the 21 and over crowd.

This 21 and over cocktail/dessert accessory was fantastic. We sampled the chocolate, caramel and white chocolate candy cane flavors, YUM. No refrigeration required, easy to keep in your desk drawer for end of day relaxation. To make your favorite holiday cocktail, shake your can to get the vodka mixed through and spray on your desert or hot chocolate. This is a StyleCeleb must have!

Produced by Temperance Distilling Company and heading to a liquor store near you.

for more info go to


IMG_6681 IMG_6679

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