NYFW Update, and are we happy!

Finally, IMG has realized that NY Fashion Week is an exclusive event, not one to be open to anyone who registers. For years, NYFW was held at Bryant Park, it was an exclusive invite only event. You had to be a known entity in the fashion industry to be invited and granted access. Since the move to Lincoln Center, the vibe changed and more “”non” fashion types or what we like to call “posers” were able to get access. To the point were people with iPhones were getting spots on the photo riser to cover a show. Yeah!! IMG, you listened, we are SOOOO happy!!!

more from the IMG press release:

…”to provide more creative and versatile environments with contemporary aesthetics. The redesigned venue offerings will enable designers to better control and reduce audience capacities, making invitations once again an exclusive pass for true fashion insiders.

As well, as a result of the industry’s sophisticated and engaging use of digital media, designers now have the ability to provide real time viewing to a worldwide audience during the Event when all eyes are on New York. The MBFW Digital District is a new digital platform that will provide designers innovative options to better engage consumers. The MBFW broadcast reaches millions of viewers in over 173 countries each season.”

NYFW Fall Collections will be held February 6-13, 2014. StyleCeleb will be there Front Row as usual.


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