Kat Dennings, Worked Like a Glove?

Hi StyleCeleb fans, During the People’s Choice Awards Red Carpet, we noticed Kat Dennings was wearing what appeared to be a strange glove on her right hand. We found out that on Sunday, Kat Dennings suffered a kitchen accident and sliced her hand with a knife before rushing to the emergency room for treatment. , the 27-year-old Two Broke Girls star tweeted, “In Kat’s house, the knives wash YOU #emergencyroom #sadfinger.”

But, Kat Dennings, the fashionista, bedazzled her injured hand and worked it as a fashion accessory during her walk down the red carpet with Two Broke Girls co star Beth Behrs. We give Kat two thumbs up…

Photos can be seen on http://www.GraylockPhoto.com




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