Sandra, Jennifer, Justin People’s Choice Winners

Big winners at the years People’s Choice Awards, and total fashion hounds, Sandra Bullock, Justin Timberlake and Jennifer Hudson.

Sandra Bullock scored big with 3 awards, as did Justin Timberlake. Jennifer Hudson secured a People’s Choice Award and shared it with her sister Julia Simpson.

StyleCeleb congratulates all the winners!

The People Have Spoken, Thank you Mark Burnett, great show.

Photos can be seen on ~Entertainment~20140108~Peoples_Choice_Awards_Press_Room~DSC_2728 ~Entertainment~20140108~Peoples_Choice_Awards_Press_Room~DSC_1952 ~Entertainment~20140108~Peoples_Choice_Awards_Press_Room~DSC_1968 ~Entertainment~20140108~Peoples_Choice_Awards_Press_Room~DSC_2741

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