DVF Journey of a Dress

Hi StyleCeleb Fans, Diane Von Furstenberg, Fashion Queen and genius was honored with a retrospective of her fashion collection. We were there on the red carpet surrounded by celebrities, models and fashionistas wearing their best DVF frocks.

StyleCeleb friend, Booth Moore at the LA Times says it best:  Diane von Furstenberg’s wrap-dress army is a force to be reckoned with in the 20,000-square-foot gallery of the historic May Co. department store building in Los Angeles, where her “Journey of a Dress” exhibition opened Saturday with 200 vintage and contemporary interpretations of the iconic design.

There they are, 200 mannequins strong, standing in formation and ready to conquer the world.

And conquer the world is exactly what this dress did.

The show, which was put together for the 40th anniversary of Von Furstenberg’s brand, celebrates her singular contribution to fashion history: the wrap dress, which is on par with the T-shirt and blue jeans when it comes to its cultural impact.

for more info: http://www.latimes.com/fashion/alltherage/la-ar-diane-von-furstenberg-journey-of-a-dress-exhibition-opens-in-la-20140110,0,3993482.story#ixzz2q8E5R7px

Photos can be seen at http://www.GraylockPhoto.com


~Entertainment~20140110~DVF_Journey_of_a_Dress~DSC_7301 ~Entertainment~20140110~DVF_Journey_of_a_Dress~DSC_7309 ~Entertainment~20140110~DVF_Journey_of_a_Dress~DSC_7247 ~Entertainment~20140110~DVF_Journey_of_a_Dress~DSC_7173 ~Entertainment~20140110~DVF_Journey_of_a_Dress~DSC_7285

~Entertainment~20140110~DVF_Journey_of_a_Dress~DSC_7006 ~Entertainment~20140110~DVF_Journey_of_a_Dress~DSC_6948 ~Entertainment~20140110~DVF_Journey_of_a_Dress~DSC_6849 ~Entertainment~20140110~DVF_Journey_of_a_Dress~DSC_6742 ~Entertainment~20140110~DVF_Journey_of_a_Dress~DSC_5695 ~Entertainment~20140110~DVF_Journey_of_a_Dress~DSC_5414 ~Entertainment~20140110~DVF_Journey_of_a_Dress~DSC_5319 ~Entertainment~20140110~DVF_Journey_of_a_Dress~DSC_5598 ~Entertainment~20140110~DVF_Journey_of_a_Dress~DSC_5248 ~Entertainment~20140110~DVF_Journey_of_a_Dress~DSC_5145 ~Entertainment~20140110~DVF_Journey_of_a_Dress~DSC_4976 ~Entertainment~20140110~DVF_Journey_of_a_Dress~DSC_4726

~Entertainment~20140110~DVF_Journey_of_a_Dress~DSC_6302 ~Entertainment~20140110~DVF_Journey_of_a_Dress~DSC_6289

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