Alina German Spring 2015 Presentation

Hi StyleCeleb fans, Russian designer Alina German never made it to her Alina German Spring 2015 Presentation, sadly denied a visa. Those who did attend viewed a energetic collection with accents of neon, black lips, and an eye for the geometric patterns with a bit of mesh thrown in.

Make up by Inglot was fresh faced and glowing with dramatic dark lips. Interesting collection.

Photos by

~Entertainment~20140903~Alina_German_Spring_2015~AlinaGerman_spr15_332 ~Entertainment~20140903~Alina_German_Spring_2015~AlinaGerman_spr15_401 ~Entertainment~20140903~Alina_German_Spring_2015~AlinaGerman_spr15_424 ~Entertainment~20140903~Alina_German_Spring_2015~AlinaGerman_spr15_442 ~Entertainment~20140903~Alina_German_Spring_2015~AlinaGerman_spr15_488


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