StyleCeleb Restaurant Reviews: Peter’s Since 1969




Hey StyleCeleb Fans,

Today we had a chance to grab a bit to eat at Peter’s restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The Food was absolutely delicious! The Menu is packed with Southern style favorites such as Rotisserie Chicken, Ribs, Mac & Cheese, Sweet Potatoes and more! ( The atmosphere is very relaxed. This place is ideal for a quick bite or even a simple date. The food is amazing and the prices are cheap! StyleCeleb Creative Director Julissa E shares her experience below:

I walked in and was instantly mesmerized by the smell of the Soul Food!  The menu was a bit overwhelming I wanted it all! However I settled for the lunch special. At Peters the lunch special is superb! You can pick an entrée, two sides, cornbread and soup or salad for just 9 bucks! I am definitely a Fashionista who is always on a budget so this worked out well for me! I recommend this place to any and everyone! o I forget to mention that the staff was super friendly! Thanks Jose and Shanaya for taking care of me! – Julissa E

Check out Julissa’s lunch below.






Check out how relaxed the Atmosphere is!







For more information about Peter’s Since 1969 Please Visit:

Twitter: @PetersSince1969




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