Beauty Review:


Hey Guys! I’m here with another Beauty review…. This time around I am reviewing the The is an online Wig Boutique dedicated to catering to fabulous Women  worldwide.

My sister once told me a Woman can be dressed in her very best garments however, if her hair is a mess then her attire is irreverent. Hair is everything! It can make or break a look. With that being said I’d like to share my dilemma and how one company’s outstanding customer service saved the day!

I have been natural for four years now. When I don’t feel like rocking my natural tresses I opt for one of my fabulous Wigs. My collection of Wigs is huge! However there is one Wig I purchased a while back that immediately stole my heart. This was Hippy Girl  made by Freetress. I purchased this Wig about three times from a local Beauty Supply Store. Sadly when I returned a fourth time The Wig was out of stock and  they weren’t planning to re-order. I was devastated! I searched frantically all over  New York City for this Wig and  had no luck. I wasn’t going to give up that easily!

After an unsuccessful search I decided to search for the Wig online. I hate shopping online and was pretty skeptical because I had never ordered a Wig online. What if the Wig is no longer available?

Once I finally got over myself I stumbled across

I was immediately impressed with the site, they provided clear and concise information regarding all of their merchandise! This was extremely helpful for such as skeptical browser as myself. Luckily I was able to find my Wig  in seconds! The price of the Wig was half of what I bought it for in the past, so of course I had to buy it! As soon as purchased my Wig , I received  an email from Remishop with my order confirmation. They were extremely friendly. They answered all my questions in a very timely fashion. My order was scheduled to arrive in 3 days but my wig arrived the next day!!!!! now that’s what I call excellent customer service!!!!

I recommend the RemiShop to  all you fabulous ladies that love your Wigs! The folks at RemiShop are extremely friendly! and provide extraordinary customer care service!  The site provides a wide selection of hair that you will not find at your local Beauty Supply store! Their prices are unbeatable and  your products will arrive in a timely manner!


Remishop not only sends you your fabulous Wig but you will also get some goodies and a personalized note compliments of them! my Wig came with two caps, a scissor and a fab mouse pad! that’s enough to make any customer satisfied!







remishop logo big-01



RemiShop has  won me over! I look forward to purchasing more Wigs and experiencing that great customer service once again! Try them trust me you wont be disappointed!





For more Information on the RemiShop please visit:




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