Product Review: Schmidt’s All Natural Deodorants



We are unaware of the chemicals that are in our favorite Beauty products these days. We get so excited about the idea of looking and smelling good that sometimes we opt out on checking what the ingredients are in our fav products. I for one have started using  products with less harsh chemicals and I urge you too!


This leads me to today’s Beauty Product Review from Schmidt’s.  Schmidt’s is a skin care company whose products are all naturally based. Naturally based sounds good! No more worries about applying harsh chemicals to your Beautiful skin! We had a chance to review their aluminum free, propylene glycol free paraben free and phthalate free Deodorant. This Deodorant is not your typical roll on, it’s jar based and super smooth, and it goes on like lotion.





Simply remove product from jar using enclosed spatula.

Warm a pea size amount in fingers

Apply like lotion to underarms and viola!!! You are fabulously fresh!



What makes this product stand out from the rest :


All-natural, Vegan, & Cruelty-Free.

No usage of harsh chemicals that will damage your skin

Does not test on Animals

Long Lasting

Product does not clump up like your typical deodorant.


We recommend this product to all individuals who love feeling fab and fresh. For more information please visit




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