Styleceleb Health: The TeaDetox -28 Days To A Better You!

Hey StyleCeleb Fans,
 Its really  time for all of us to focus on our fitness goals! Styleceleb has been given the wonderful opportunity to partner up with The TeaDetox ! For the next 28 days we will be detoxing with this Yummy Tea! We will be participating in the exclusive 2 step Detox Program. Be Sure to stay tuned as Creative Director Julissa E. shares her weight loss journey with you all!
How It Works:

 2 teas, one to take every morning and another one to take every 2nd night. 

The MORNING BOOST (loose leaf) stimulates the body, increases the metabolism and assists in converting food into healthy energy (all the while burning excess fat and calories).

The NIGHT CLEANSE (teabags) cleanses out the colon and the digestive tract, getting rid of toxins and harmful buildup (which are usually responsible for being unable to lose weight). Excess energy is then distributed throughout the digestive tract, which effectively lowers calorie absorption to result in a significantly lower rate of fat storage.


Stay tuned for updates and please be sure to visit!

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