Styleceleb Beauty Favorites: Lovatics By Demi Eyebrow Pencil

nyc 7


Eyebrows can make or break the way your Face looks! For years I have waxed my Eyebrows and unfortunately they have not grown back fully. It has been very hard to get that desired look I once had! However things changed once I came across Lovatics By Demi Eyebrow Pencil.  This Eyebrow Pencil worked wonders for my thin brows! What I loved about it the most is that it’s so Easy to use! Did I mention its only $1.99?

How To Apply: With a smooth pencil tip, gently draw a line of product onto the eyebrow area to shape and enhance. Blend until desired effect is achieved.


The Results:  I use this daily, I just add a pop of Lip color and enhance my Brows with my Lip Pencil and I am good to go! I LOVE IT!


photo 1



For More Information On More Lovatics Cosmetics Please

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