Styleceleb Book Review: The Taco Cleanse


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If you love Tacos or are just simply a Foodie ( like me!) then this Book is for you! I came across this Book in the Office and decided to pick it up. At first I was a bit skeptical considering the fact that the book is titled ” The Taco Cleanse”. How could one be cleansed with Tacos? My curiosity lead me to realize that a Taco Cleanse is truly the only Cleanse the average person ever needs! The revolutionary  new Cookbook includes more than 75 tasty vegan recipes The Taco Cleanse provides easy and affordable recipes for every meal of the day! What I love most about the Book is that the recipes are not difficult at all! The Tacos and other fun stuff in the book are pretty healthy! This book is Def one to add to your collection!

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