Beauty Product Must Have: Salud Para Todos Mai Oil & Maria Firming Cream

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 We here at Styleceleb have some great news! We were lucky enough to collaborate with Salud Para Todos . Salud Para Todos is well know Latino wellness company founded by Dr. José Rigoberto Pérez Díaz.  Salud Para Todos is a company dictated to serving the Hispanic community and beyond. Their mission is to make natural health accessible to everyone. They approach health holistically, honorably, and with pride, to bring people, effective and quality products.
With life’s daily pressures its very hard for some of us to keep up with our Beauty Routines. We were beyond excited to try out some of the latest Beauty products from Salud Para Todos. These products are Mai Hair & Body OilMaria Firming Cream, which are the first products to launch within SPT Natural skin care line. It is available for purchase online at SPT Natural and at their  NYC store location.
1.) Mai Hair & Body Oil  $25.00
Mai Hair & Body Oil hydrates skin, hair and scalp. I love that this product has multiple uses. At first I was a bit skeptical, I couldn’t really believe that one product could really work on my Hair & Skin. However I was proved wrong once I tested this product. This all-natural oil absorbs completely into skin and hair leaving no greasy residue. Continued use can help relieve symptoms of psoriasis, eczema, dandruff and brittle thinning hair. I highly recommend this product for anyone who has Dry Hair or Skin. This product will revitalize all moisture that you may have been lacking.
2.)  Maria Firming Cream $57.50
The Maria Firming Cream is a miracle in a bottle! Maria Firming Cream is a unique blend of Squalane, CoQ10 and Rosehip oil that moisturizes, combats wrinkles and removes dark spots. Prior to using the product I had several dark spots, due to acne scars. After using this product for 2 weeks I noticed that my dark spots had cleared up! This product really works. A little goes a long way, so you wouldn’t need to use tons of it to get results. I highly recommend this product for anyone that is suffering with blemishes and dark spots.


For More Information On SPT Products Please Visit:
All opinions expressed herein are my own and not those of the company  If  Products or Collections do not fit our overall lifestyle and blog esthetics we will not post reviews on With that being said we bring you this review because we were  genuinely interested in trying these Products out and sharing our experience with all of you. 
A huge thank you to The PR Team at Dee & Co  for their generosity! I hope you guys enjoyed the post and learned of a product that can potentially serve and meet your Beauty care needs.

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