Fanny Factory Fashion In Brooklyn



The Fanny Pack has always been an essential Fashion Accessory, I always considered it to be the “Lifesaver” of all bags. The days of carrying huge purses are over! (well at least for me!) I for one have worn huge purses my whole life, which set me up to carry things I didn’t need! I knew I had to make a switch when I started having back problems. I sat and contemplated about an alternative and Fanny Packs popped into my mind! However would I be able to rock this classic trend?

I began to research some Fanny Pack brands, none caught my eye and to be quite honest they weren’t stylish at all! If I was going to ditch my huge Fabulous purses for a Fanny Pack then it had to be worth it! I came across The Fanny Factory and fell in love! These bags immediately caught my eye! All the bags are super stylish and affordable! You can purchase one at at Check out some of my favorites below:





So I know many of you are wondering how these Fanny Packs look when styled Fashionably , Well the good news is that these Fanny’s can be worn during any occasion and will support any look you may want to go for! When wearing anything it’s important that you stay true to your individuality, it is what makes you unique! Check out some ways you can rock your Fanny below! Huge thanks to our Model Macallan for showing us how it’s done!

Fanny 2
Macallan Sporting The Oopsie Daisy Fanny Pack













Macallan Sporting The Tropi-Cool Fanny Pack








Why we LOVE Fanny Factory Packs 🙂

  •  Perfect Size – These Fanny Packs are large enough to fit all your essentials without giving you a bulky look.
  •  Water Resistant- Yes! So when you get caught in the rain you don’t have to worry about your bag getting ruined!
  • Style – I love the fact that the Fanny Factory keeps it Retro! all of their packs are designed with prints that are guaranteed to give you that retro look. Def a piece that will make a fashion statement!
  • Pockets- Each Fanny Pack comes with 5 zippered pockets which is super important when it comes to organizing your items
  • Comfort – They are light and sit easily on the body. 






So if your ready to make a statement this Summer then get your Fanny Pack soon! For more information on the Fanny Factory Please Visit:









*All opinions expressed herein are my own and not those of the company If Products or Collections do not fit our overall lifestyle and blog esthetics we will not post reviews on With that being said we bring you this review because we were genuinely interested in trying these Products out and sharing our experience with all of you. A huge thanks you to The PR Team at Fanny Factory for their generosity! I hope you guys enjoyed the post and learned of a product that can potentially serve and meet your needs.

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