It’s The Mini Bag For ME! – Deluxity Handbags

I have never been a fan of Mini Handbags, however when I stumbled across these bags on a recent shopping trip I had an immediate change of heart! It all started when I decided to go shopping at one of my favorite stores MARSHALLS! ( We will get to that in another post lol). As I was browsing the aisles these popped out! Anyone who knows me is very well aware of my Chanel obsession so when I saw these little mini quilted beauties it was a wrap! What I loved even more was the price! I was able to snag these for $9.99 each! Now I will be honest with you guys, this is not your typical everyday bag. This bag is ideal if you running some quick errands or your going on a date. You can fit your favorite lipstick, some cash and your credit cards. You can totally combine these mini beauties with any look! I like to rock mine with some crocs or some heels.

You can find these bags online or at your local Marshalls store. Which color will you be getting?

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