I found a BCBG bag on the street ( and it’s real!)

I was walking my Dog while listening to my favorite Podcast Save The Good Girl this morning and the coolest thing happened! I spotted this BCBG crossbody bag on the sidewalk, next to this beauty was tons of other stuff. It looks like someone was doing some spring cleaning and wanted to share their wealth! (Fun fact I used to work for BCBG over a decade ago!) This bag popped out to me immediately! I love the color and its the perfect size for all of your necessities.

So of course the first thing I did when I found this Bag was do some research! I had to find out as much info as I could about this treasure!

I found out that this is the Lucy Crossbody by BCBG Generation and it retails for $68.00!

Lesson Of The Day: Another Fashionista’s trash is another Fashionista’s treasure!

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