Nostalgic Fashion: Boyz N The Hood Graphic Tee Shirt

I have always been a fan of old school gangsta movies! I have a whole collection of them and Boyz N The Hood is definitely in it! 30 years ago Director John Singleton took us to the streets of Compton in this iconic film and it is still a classic until this day!

This is why when I came across this Boyz N The Hood Tee I had to grab it! One of the best things about Fashion is that it lets you incorporate everything you love as a visual representation on your body. Check out how I included one of my favorite movies into one of my everyday looks.

Never be afraid to turn around a graphic tee and some jeans into instant glam with some pumps! To make this look more glam I added my stripped J. Crew pumps. I also rolled up the cuffs of the jeans because they looked short to me to avoid a total highwater disaster I just rolled them up a bit lol.

You can never go wrong with a vintage bag! and what’s cool is that you can grab one from your local thrift shop for under $10 dollars. Vintage bags are always fun because you know that they had a life before you and you can give them a new chapter with yours!

I Love my J. Crew Pumps!

I decided to complete this look with a vintage coat, looks like a raincoat to me but because it’s such a cute piece I will be wearing it rain or shine! I was happy to bring this piece out it was sitting in my closet for way to long! I got this about 4 years ago on sale for $1.00!

Before: Jeans with no cuff

After: Jeans Cuffed

Do you like the this look with the Jeans cuffed or not? I prefer them cuffed! These are actually Martha Stewart jeans I purchased for $10 during my random shopping trips!

Ok so back to this tee shirt

I found this tee at TJ Maxx, It’s literally no brand or anything. I was able to get this Iconic graphic tee for $9.99 you can’t beat that!

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