Golden Globe Gifting Suite

Hi StyleCeleb Fans, Its awards time and the GBK Golden Globe Gifting Suite brought out the celebrities. We were there, checked out the new products, hung out with some of our favorite celebrities and tasted fantastic new food products.

The luxury lifestyle gift lounge and special events company, GBK Productions, honored the 2014 Golden Globes® Awards Nominees and Presenters with their Annual Gift Lounge. In attendance were Robert Knepper, Scott Elrod, Lesley Nicol, Willie Garson, Amanda Sutton, Makenzie Vega and our Royal Pain Hamptons buddy Mark Feuerstein.


Photos can be seen at

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Hot Saas for Fashionistas

Hi StyleCeleb fans, looking for a great hot sauce to warm up your winter nights and spice up your summer BBQ? We found the perfect sauce, SAAS Hot Sauce Original Flavor that not only tastes great but gives back. Yes, a sauce that helps to preserve indigenous culture worldwide. Better yet, 100% of all proceeds from SAAS is donated to The Earth Center of Maanu Inc.

So fashion, celebrity fans, spice it up and help keep culture alive.