Justin Bieber Teams Up with David Hasselhoff For a New Movie!



Justin Bieber will be the voice of KITT from “Knight Rider” in the comedy, “Killing Hasselhoff.”  Justin Bieber has already started shooting scences with  David Hasswlhoff this past Tuesday in Venice California.

Justin Bieber Arrested

Hi StyleCeleb fans, Justin Bieber arrested, as reported on CBSNEWS.com sad to what see fame, drugs, beer, drag racing and stupidity can do. Justin is going to County Jail in Miami, Florida. Why? He has the talent, a loving mother and more money then he can spend in a lifetime. We guess he is surrounded by people who yes him to death, tell him he can do anything and when he does something STUPID they laugh and let him believe he is cool. Justin, you are not cool, you need help. 

Justin, StyleCeleb fans hope you get your act together, fix your neighbor’s house and grow up.


Photos can be seen at http://www.graylockphoto.com

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