Tuesday Style Snapshot: Creative Director Julissa E.


 It’s a brisk Tuesday in New York City! I say about  55 degrees and  quite frankly, I haven’t  adjusted to the sudden temperature drop! But, to deal, I  grabbed  a hand me down colorful sweater and some polka dots pants. Today’s look was inspired by…………I’m not quite sure! Check out below for some more detailed pics and pricing info of my looks !


Sweater: $0.00 A hand me down from a friend. Its from Stampede Clothing-for  more info on the brand please visit http://www.stampedeclothing.co.uk/

Pants: $5.00 Rainbow Stores http://www.rainbowshops.com

Sneaker: $65.00 Nike

Purse: $10.00 Street Vendor 34th Street, New York



The colors in the sweater reminded me of the 80’s- so I  grabbed my Heart shaped door knocker earrings and  gold chain bracelet-  courtesy of the Dollar Store! I’ve been lucky enough to master accessorizing on a budget and  you can too! I dare you to go into your local Dollar Store to  snag some accessories -you’ll be surprised at  what you find!


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  1. Smiley says:

    I love the doorknocker earrings…so 80s/90s!!!

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