Colorful Eyewear Must Haves

Color, Color, Color the trend for fashion, home, accessories and of course eyewear. Are you amazed at the fantastic eyewear you see on Italian and Japanese tourists? Yes, they do have the best eyewear choices. StyleCeleb is always looking for great style and quality at a lower price. We found LeGre eyewear, an eyewear line created in 2002 by two New York City licensed opticians, Lenny Rabich and Gregory Meyliker. They noticed a lack of eyewear style and went out to solve the fashion accessory dilemma. They did in the most colorful way incorporating matte finishes, color fades, buffalo horn, tortoise with smooth color choices. Styles that fit all fashionista beauties. Both the mens and women’s collections are great attention getters, making your “Special Eyes” chic. Check out LeGre online at and do a store finder, you will be very happy.

DSC_3931 DSC_3942

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