StyleCeleb Health: “Live Well” Health, Wellness & Beauty Expo

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Hey Styleceleb Fans,

A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to attend the New York State Health, Wellness & Aesthetics Chamber Of Commerce sponsored by the“Live Well” Health & Wellness Beauty Expo. This event was presented by Salud Para Todos. The event was held at the  The Attic rooftop in NYC. There were an array of informative and interactive speakers whose main goal was to inform attendees about living healthier and happier lives.

I was really looking forward to going to this Expo, being in the midst of making some lifestyle changes myself I was very excited to attend this event. The Expo featured workshops led by Wellness, Ethetics and Holistic healing experts that taught all attendees how diet, exercise, and spiritual development can prolong and improve quality of life.

The venue was packed with folks who were eager and excited about learning about ways on how to improve their lifestyles. When I walked into the event I was comforted by the fact that the event catered to the Latino Community. Being in the Fashion/Media Industry it is rare that you find organizations that are dedicated to the wellness of the Latino Community. Being of Hispanic descent myself it was easy for me to connect with all of the attendees, because they reminded me so much of my family! it was an honor to be around those in my community, this motivated me not only to get knowledge for myself but for my family as well.

As I walked all over the venue and chatted with literally everyone I enjoyed yummy appetizers and signature drinks by El Atlantico.  Soon after I enjoyed an amazing massage by Massage For Health And Fitness.  After having food , drinks and a massage I felt so rejuvenated! I couldn’t believe that an event could provide so many services for their attendees! However the pampering did not end here! After my massage I enjoyed a makeover by Faceworks. After my makeover I chatted with the lovely staff of Wellcare who gave me some pointers on choosing Healthcare.





Guests also had the opportunity to participate in a Q & A session with a panel of speakers These wellness professionals shared valuable information about preventive treatment, general nutrition, holistic approaches as well as D.I.Y recipes. Speakers included, Editor & Blogger LeAura Luciano of EverSoPopular, VIP Guest Speaker & Founder of Salud Para Todos , Dr. Jose Rigoberto Perez Diaz, President of NYSHWACC & Renew Medi Spa, Idalis Bailey, Nutritionist Coach Carolina Bolivar & Holistic Medicine Practitioner, Dr. Carina Lopez.




The Health & Wellness Beauty Expo had an amazing turnout with over 150 in attendance from the Latino community. I was honored to have been invited to such an event that was life changing not only for myself but for everyone who attended. This event was vital not only to my life but for the lives of many others. WE LOVED THIS EVENT! A huge thank you to the Dee & Co Group  for inviting and taking care of Styleceleb!

We all hope you all enjoyed the post!  We urge you to take control over your Health! check out additional  information from the Sponsors below!







Massage For Health & Fitness

StyleCeleb Lifestyle: 4 Tips That Prove Exercising Will Prevent Your Next Breakout

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Wanna Save A Trip To The Dermatologist? Want a better complexion? Try exercising! Check out 4 simple tips that can avoid breaking out this season!

1.)YOU NEED TO EXERCISE! Exercise increases blood flow and helps flush cellular debris out of your system, which supports the look and health of your skin.

2.)Exercise tones muscles and reduces stress, both of which contribute to overall appearance of your skin. At times when you’re stressed, slack off on exercise or become too sedentary, your systems get sluggish and you start to lose that healthy glow. Grab your glow back and recommit to treating your body right!

3.)Your skin needs and loves moisture. Whether you’re just getting into an exercise groove, or are an experience pro, never forget that you have to hydrate inside and out.  Drink enough water before, during and after exercise. Also be sure to moisturize as soon as you get out the shower.

4.)When you eat better, get enough rest and exercise regularly, your attitude shifts, you walk taller, have more confidence and you feel great. Not only does that total well-being help make your skin glow, but it boosts your mind, body and spirit!

Colorful Eyewear Must Haves

Color, Color, Color the trend for fashion, home, accessories and of course eyewear. Are you amazed at the fantastic eyewear you see on Italian and Japanese tourists? Yes, they do have the best eyewear choices. StyleCeleb is always looking for great style and quality at a lower price. We found LeGre eyewear, an eyewear line created in 2002 by two New York City licensed opticians, Lenny Rabich and Gregory Meyliker. They noticed a lack of eyewear style and went out to solve the fashion accessory dilemma. They did in the most colorful way incorporating matte finishes, color fades, buffalo horn, tortoise with smooth color choices. Styles that fit all fashionista beauties. Both the mens and women’s collections are great attention getters, making your “Special Eyes” chic. Check out LeGre online at and do a store finder, you will be very happy.

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